Cordwood Construction: Best Practices

Cordwood Construction Best Practices is a new, visually stunning book about cordwood construction: a log home building method using renewable resources and time-honored techniques. It contains 259 color photos, 196 pages chock full of diagrams, formulas, and tips.  This book will successfully guide the owner/builder from house plans to cordwood home occupancy. Online Cordwood Bookstore  (many books & plans)


What people say about Cordwood Construction: Best Practices

"This book is inspirational and a perfect how-to. I've got my cordwood pile growing right now. I'll start building with confidence in the spring." - Kristin

"Cordwood Construction is the best cordwood construction guide I have seen. Covers all the practical considerations and offers tips on passing conventional building code. Great book!" - Jason

"There was a lot of good information in this book. We will start our first cordwood project this summer, moving up to a 20 X30 structure with a root cellar this fall." - Tom

"Lots of great photos and explanations. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd like to build a round house similar to the Colorado home on the front cover." - Patti

"This is the definitive guide to cordwood building. Richard is the first person we call to the Natural Homes building group where drawing on his wealth of building experience Richard has never failed to deliver the best cordwood advice available to our 20,000+ members" - Oliver


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